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The bomber’s flight began at RAF FairfordUnited Kingdom, and flew over the Eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea before leaving the region.

“With every Bomber Task Force mission, (US Air Force Center) and partner air forces demonstrate the strength of regional air power,” said Lieutenant General Greg Guillot, Commander of the Ninth Air Force (AFCENT). “An unprecedented number of nine nations flew our B-52 today, so this mission clearly signaled our ability to bring forces to theater quickly and operate seamlessly with our partners in a disaster event. formation that signals our combined commitment to regional stability and defence.”

The non-stop B-52 mission included fighter escorts from the Royal Air Force and regional partner nations, enhancing regional stability and security through a combined show of force and capability.

The flow of airpower throughout the theater during this presence patrol was significant due to the addition of F-22s, which entered the USCENTCOM area of ​​responsibility in February.

USCENTCOM, through the Ninth Air Force (AFCENT), facilitated two bomber task force missions in 2022 as a demonstration of the US-led coalition’s commitment to promoting the regional stability. The last bomber-led mission in the central region involved a B-52 and took place on 14 February.


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