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HANKINSON, ND — If you’ve ever been pulled over on a freeway or country road to make way for a move, chances are the Schmit family of Wyndmere was responsible.

On the shores of Lake Elsie, Tuesday, June 28, was a perfect day for a move. The Schmit brothers, Tony and Nick, were preparing and raising a house on the lake en route to land on the other side of the lake.

This family knows all about the move. They started the company in 1936.

“Twenty years ago there were probably about 15 to 20 movers in North Dakota, now there are probably five,” said Tony Schmit, whose grandfather started the company in 1938.

We have witnessed moves at Schmit for over 25 years. Like when an old Victorian house took a ride from Fergus Falls to Fargo. Over the years, Schmit has been the go-to company for removals, but this summer, that’s it.

Image of a Victorian home that Schmit House Movers moved from Fergus Falls to Fargo.

Image from WDAY file

“They (father and grandfather) didn’t have winch carts. They had to wind the beams onto the carts by hand, to load things. It was difficult,” Nick Schmit said. “I guess everyone has to slow down one day, but it’s hard to get away from it.”

This building that was moved on Tuesday weighed about 10 tons, but Schmit has moved buildings over the years weighing 100 tons.

LaVonne Althoff came to witness the move. Schmitt moved into his family home 50 years ago.

“It was a three-story (house). It came out of a Sears catalog. Built in 1912,” LaVonne said.

After a lot of wedging, lifting and measuring. lake elsie hietkamp cabin made it from the shore to the gravel road. Another successful move. One of the last moves of the Schmit family.

An auction is planned for next year to sell the lot of trucks and equipment from the family business.

“It’s going to be tough,” said Tony Schmit.


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