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On Wednesday, the Meadville Bulldogs faced the Erie High School Royals in a Region 5 boys football game.

What started out as a promising night for the Bulldogs quickly deteriorated, with Erie handing the Bulldogs a 5-0 loss. The shutout went to Erie’s Evan Nadzam.

“It’s one of those end-of-season games. It’s been a tough season just because we have a lot of youngsters on our squad, so our older guys are being forced not only to become role models but also workhorses and play full matches 80 minutes every game ” Meadville head coach Zane Watson said. “It’s hard to replace when you’re in a competitive game like that. Being drugged over several games and being this deep into the season, I feel for the boys to be tired at this point. Not that I write them an apology, but I know it’s a challenge.

The Bulldogs have played, including this game, five games in the past eight days.

“Watching them play today, I feel tired and an overall build-up of tight muscles, blisters and stuff is just starting to catch up with us. I think morale was low today,” he said. Watson said. “I was a little shocked by their gameplay at the beginning with their low motivation and inability to get out of the ball. The total laziness of the team. At halftime we talked about being a proud player and being proud of what you do.

“Being able to go out there and be a part of a team and be a part of that team and not give it all you’ve got, and how selfish that would be. Having that kind of talk where we really break down, put our egos aside and just realize we need to do better, that helps us. I cannot be disappointed with these boys. At the end of the day, we have a long program.

Meadville had no answer for Erie’s Ahmed Saadoon who was all over the pitch all day, scoring once and assisting three more. Amar Al Bahki being the beneficiary, his two goals coming from his teammate Saadoon.

“We played really well against good teams, but we just didn’t manage to catch our attack to really start and I think today was a very good start in that direction,” said the coach. -Head of Erie High, Bob Ploski. “We had to correct the issues we were having to feel comfortable with each other. “

Meadville’s next game is on Saturday against regional rival General McLane in Edinboro.

“It’s going to be a great game. This game is going to mean a lot to our record and everything this year, so hopefully we come into this game with that winning mentality, ”Watson said. “We can get another win towards our record and then we can race here because we have some good lineup after that where we can really start to get back to our deficit.”

Amar Al Bahki scored two goals. Ahmed Saadoon scored one goal and three assists. Mitchell Ham had a goal. Paule Kalende collected an assist. Stephan Kakaji added an assist and Espori Mayele scored a goal.


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