Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss Docu-series commissioned from Peacock


Office Fans, unite! It’s not that we had time to miss out on three Emmy nominations Rainn Wilson lately – our eternal Dwight Schrute has starred in several projects that include TV series Mom and Utopiaas well as the next Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic biopic. But if you just love old Rainn as himself, you’ll be happy to know that the actor is set to host a docuseries for Peacock: Rainn Wilson and the geography of happiness is a series of journeys that will have its titular host searching for the secrets of some of Earth’s most remarkable places.

Over the course of six episodes of the series, Wilson will have a first-person perspective on why certain places are considered the happiest and unhappiest in the world. The actor and host will use his distinct humor to talk about the places he visits and the joy of its people – they include Ghana, Iceland, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

In an official statement, Wilson celebrated the birth of the project and made some promises regarding the series:

“Are you kidding me? It’s a lifetime’s work: traveling the world for Peacock, seeking to discover the secret to happiness in these perilous times. I’ll let you know what I find!”

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Rainn Wilson and the geography of happiness is also set to be a deeply personal journey for the star, who will be direct when talking about his own mental health and open to the transformation the places he visits might cause him. So be prepared to laugh, but also have a box of tissues handy just in case.

Rod Aissaexecutive vice president of unscripted content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said Wilson as host is a great choice and revealed that the series will go beyond just airing random footage and interviews with different people :

“Rainn Wilson, is the perfect guide to take audiences on a unique journey around the world, uncovering the secret ingredients that make people happy or unhappy. With an entertaining and irreverent tone, ‘Rainn Wilson and The Geography of Bliss’ reveals how the universal pillars of community, spirituality, family, and wealth intersect to serve varying degrees of happiness on our planet.

Rainn Wilson and the geography of happiness is based on Eric WeinerNew York Times Bestseller The Geography of Happiness: A Grinch’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World. The book and series are supported by the expanding studies related to “the science of happiness”, a much-needed introspective investigation that quickly concludes that humanity focuses on the wrong things in order to find happiness.

Peacock has yet to reveal a release date for Rainn Wilson and the geography of happiness.

You can check out the official synopsis here:

Our host and intrepid traveler Rainn Wilson will travel the world in search of the secrets of the happiest societies on the planet. Based on the book “The Geography of Bliss”, Rainn will explore some of the happiest and least happy places on the planet, from Iceland to Qatar to Ghana, and in a deep, humorous and experiential way , will reveal the science of happiness.


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