Mid-District Judge Set to Redraw State’s Congressional Map


BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) — The Black Legislative Caucus stormed out of the House chamber over the weekend after Louisiana lawmakers failed to respond to a federal judge’s request to pass a congressional map that added a majority black second district. It is now in the hands of Mid-District Judge Shelly Dick.

“The most likely scenario is that Judge Dick will draw the maps, and we’ll have two majority-minority districts,” political analyst Jim Engster said.

Republicans say six days was not enough time to draw a new map and they were being asked to do the impossible, even though it was successfully done in 1994.

“Yeah, there’s a story of some things going in and out in about six days. But I think when you think back to that, it often happened as a result of a regular session or a special session where you negotiated a specific thing for months,” said Senator Rick Ward (R ).

Senator Ward presented a card that held the most promise, but he was unable to walk out of the Senate until the session ended on Saturday.

“And as a result of that they basically said it’s all up to you Shelly Dick, you do what you have to do, and we’ll be back in court,” Engster added.

It is understood that redistricting will always be something of a nasty fight for both sides, but could this process happen again in 10 years?

“Where I think we can do a better job is understanding that it’s really not a personal thing, we’re trying to do what we think our constituents think is best,” the senator continued. Ward.

“In 10 years, if Louisiana still has six members of Congress, we can’t, then two of them will have to be African American or we’ll be back in court,” Engster said.

The Legislative Black Caucus says it plans to send the maps they presented during the session to Judge Dick for his review later this week. Judge Dick says they want corrective maps on their desk by June 22, and a hearing to review both sides on the maps will be held on June 29.

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