Local school district to increase teachers’ salaries by more than $8,000


Newton ISD teachers will see a pay increase for the 2022-23 school year.

At its March meeting, the NISD School Board approved a new pay scale for teachers, with a base salary starting at $43,100 for the next school year.

This represents an increase of $8,800 from the current base salary of $34,300.

“The district, the board and I looked at the budget for the upcoming school year and decided we could move some things around in our budget and reward our teachers,” said Michelle Barrow, superintendent of Newton ISD. “(We) felt like it was a need because they do such a great job in the classroom. With the cost of inflation and the rising cost of living, now is the time to do it if we can.”

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Barrow said the increase will also help the district stay competitive in the region to recruit new teachers.

“(All) school districts will also need to remain competitive in their salaries,” she said.

It’s the first time in at least three years that the district has adjusted the pay scale, Barrow said.

And it’s the biggest pay rise for teachers she’s seen in eight years.

Not only are teachers getting a pay raise, but the school board has also approved an employee retention allowance for next year, giving professional employees $3,500 and at-will employees $1,800, each paid throughout. of the school year.

“I think the field of education sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to salaries and the jobs they do,” she said. “I think people need to look at this in the spotlight, it’s a service industry and it’s something that will always be needed. And to keep teachers in the field and recruit them, school districts are going to have to stay competitive. in their salary and benefits and working conditions for educators.

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