Libya’s National Tech Day 2022 celebrated nationwide


Libya’s National Technology Day 2022 was celebrated across the country last Wednesday. More than 20 Libyan cities in more than 45 locations participated in the second edition of the event with various activities and events, led by major Libyan cities, such as Tripoli, Benghazi, Beida, Sabha, Ghat, Nalut and Zawia. The event is organized by the NGO, the Libyan Information and Communication Technology Organization.

The main event was held at the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, which included telecommunications companies, private and public information technology companies, government agencies, local banks and various service companies. Several officials attended, including Tripoli-based Libyan Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabiba and Chairman of the State Communications Holding Company (LPTIC), Mohammed Bin Ayad.

It will be recalled that the National Technology Day was proposed by the NGO Libyan Information and Communications Technology Organization to the current Libyan government in mid-April 2021 to adopt the first of June as a national occasion to celebrate information technologies in Libya. The request was approved by the government through Resolution 79 of 2021.

National Technology Day includes many activities, discussions, exhibitions and workshops to publicize local information technology projects and companies and to raise awareness and spread.

This includes highlighting the importance of technology and information security for citizens, in addition to the activities of businesses and institutions of all sizes. The event targets specialists and amateurs in the field of technology, and seeks to create opportunities for cooperation and networking, and to spread technical awareness in the country.

The organizers reported that there was participation from different segments of society and of different ages, with the obvious emergence of children and young people. They commented that this indicates that technology has penetrated Libyan society and overwhelmed all aspects of life, and that the initiative of the Libyan Organization for Information and Communication Technology to declare on June 1 a national technical festival was a good step in the right direction.

They said the event shed light on the technical community and its complexities and problems, and sought to spread technical awareness in Libyan society, in order to develop new and innovative technologies, improve the quality of services provided to Libyan citizens and to meet the needs of a community. hungry for local technologies that live up to the highest international standards to make Libya a technological leader.

Finally, the organizers hope that National Technology Day will spark a huge shift in the course of technology in Libya, and that this transformation will affect all aspects of life and benefit rising generations of students. technical schools and universities. They hope that it will provide them with the skills they will need to build the future, strengthen the contribution of public and private enterprises to Libyan society, provide a caring and favorable environment for young energies, prepare them to face the global technical acceleration, lead the way to community digital transformation and create long-term sustainable impacts.

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