The YMCA of Indiana County Piranhas recently competed and performed well at the 2022 YMCA of Pennsylvania Western District Championships on March 11, 12, and 13 at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

According to reports, nearly every Indiana swimmer has lost times and there have been multiple finishes, champions, and records. As a team, Indiana won second place overall, with the Indiana boys placing first overall and the Indiana girls second overall.

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2022 INDY YMCA District Team

LR 1st Line

Trinity Wissinger, Sophia Thomas, Angelina Donatelli, Jorjah Kessler-Feracioly, Ali Ali, Maria Frazer, Paige Neal, Ellie Reed, Tenley Anderson, Jordyn Grove, Harlan Halchak, Jackson Sharbaugh, Ethan Foulk, Kaitlyn Kinnan, Elizabeth Griffith, Giada Hajnos, Gianna Vello, Lennon Jones, Jordan Neal, Addison Reiter.

LR 2n/a Line

Eliza Carper, Veronica Major, Emme Fry, Liliana Vello, Makenzie Brown, Liliana Manzi, Conner Villa, Joshua Reed, Brady Frazer, Micah Weigner, Ray Nunez, Eli Aiken, Nicole Scott, Kody Griffith, Alex Nunez, Jacob Neal, Trevor Cameron , Keely Hodgkinson, Gracie Reed.


Head Coach Lori Nagy, Coach Izzy Leard, Sydney Anderson, Morgan Grove, Hannah Stone, Morgan Nagy, Peyton Scott, Maddy Bauer, Jasmin Uptegraph, Ellen Speer, Ella Mosco, Hagen Jones, Evan Speer, Wesley Bennett, Grace Frazer, Preston Kessler, Alexander Bauer, Hadley Long, Hunter Fanella, Maggie Bennett, Coach Heather Reed, Coach Jen Reiter

Missing from the photo: Conner Fleming, Julia King, Eliana Long and Charlie Manzi

Photo taken by Jessica Uptegraph


SYDNEY ANDERSON: Girls 13-14 200 Free

ALEX BAUER: Boys 15-21 200 breaststroke

PRESTON KESSLER: Boys 15-21: 200 butterfly (district record), 100 free (district record), 50 free (district record), 400 IM (district record), 200 IM (district record), 200 free , 500 free

MORGAN NAGY: Girls 13-14 1000m freestyle (set of district records.)

PEYTON SCOTT: Girls 13-14 100 breaststroke (district record), 400 IM, 100 butterfly

LILIANA VELLO: Girls 11-12 1000m freestyle (district record set.)


Boys 11-12: 200 freestyle relay: Trevor Cameron, Alex Nunez, Jacob Neal, Kody Griffith

Girls 13-14:
400 freestyle relay: Morgan Nagy, Peyton Scott, Maddy Bauer, Sydney Anderson (record set)
200 QN Relay: Hannah Stone, Peyton Scott, Emme Fry, Sydney Anderson
200 freestyle relay: Peyton Scott, Morgan Nagy, Hannah Stone, Sydney Anderson

Boys 13-14:
400 freestyle relay: Joshua Reed, Eli Aiken, Micah Weigner, Rey Nunez (record set)
200 freestyle relay: Joshua Reed, Eli Aiken, Charlie Manzi, Rey Nunez


Individual records

Male 11-12 100 IM SCY Griffith, Kody 3/11/22 1:09.73 AM-INDY BOYS

Female 11-12 100 IM SCY Vello, Liliana 3/11/22 1:09.16 AM-INDY Girls
Female 11-12 500 Free SCY Vello, Liliana 03/13/22 05:41.29 AM-INDY Girls
Female 11-12 1000 Free SCY Vello, Liliana 3/11/22 11:46.86 AM-INDY Girls

Male 13-14 1650 Free SCY Nunez, Rey 03/11/22 17:45.15 AM-INDY BOYS

Female 13-14 100 Breast SCY Scott, Peyton R 3/11/22 1:03.57 AM-INDY Girls
Female 13-14 100 Fly SCY Scott, Peyton R 3/12/22 1:00.03 AM-INDY Girls
Female 13-14 200 Breast SCY Scott, Peyton R 3/13/22 02:21.56 AM-INDY Girls
Female 13-14 200 IM SCY Scott, Peyton R 3/12/22 2:11.53 AM-INDY Girls

Female 13-14 1000 Free SCY Nagy, Morgan E 03/11/22 11:12.67 AM-INDY Girls

Female 13-14 1650 Free SCY Anderson, Sydney J 3/11/22 18:32.27 AM-INDY Girls

Male 15+ 100 Breast SCY Bauer, Alexander S 3/11/22 59.67 AM-INDY BOYS
Male 15+ 200 Breast SCY Bauer, Alexander S 3/13/22 02:11.14 AM-INDY BOYS

Male 15+ 100 Fly SCY Kessler, Preston H 3/12/22 50.52 AM-INDY BOYS
Male 15+ 200 Fly SCY Kessler, Preston M 3/11/22 1:53.78 AM-INDY BOYS
Male 15+ 200 IM SCY Kessler, Preston M 3/12/22 1:56.24 AM-INDY BOYS
Male 15+ 400 IM SCY Kessler, Preston M 3/11/22 4:10.43 AM-INDY BOYS
Male 15+ 500 Free SCY Kessler, Preston M 3/13/22 04:44.16 AM-INDY BOYS

Female 15+ 1000 Free SCY Long, Hadley 3/11/22 11:52.65 AM-INDY Girls

Female 15+ 1650 Free SCY Fanella, Fall M 11/3/22 19:42.63 AM-INDY Girls

Record Breaker Relays

Male 11-12 400 Free Relay SCY
Nunez, Alex
Neal, Jacob T.
Cameron, Trevor
Griffith, Kody 03/11/22 04:07.99-INDY BOYS

Female 11-12 400 Free Relay SCY
Reed, Grace
Carper, Elisa
Hodgkinson, Keely
Vello, Liliana 03/11/22 04:07.95-INDY Girls

Male 13-14 400 Free Relay SCY
Reed, Joshua D.
Aiken, Eli
Weigner, Micah
Nunez, Rey 3/11/22 03:36.12-INDY BOYS

Female 13-14 200 Free Relay SCY
Scott, PeytonR.
Nagy, Morgan E.
Peter, Hannah
Anderson, Sydney J 3/13/22 01:42.59-INDY Girls

Women’s 13-14 200 SCY Medley
Peter, Hannah
Scott, PeytonR.
Fry, Emme
Anderson, Sydney J 3/12/22 1:52.98 AM-INDY Girls

Female 13-14 400 Free Relay SCY
Nagy, Morgan E.
Scott, PeytonR.
Bauer, Maddy
Anderson, Sydney J 11/3/22 03:45.78 AM-INDY Girls



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