District acknowledges drop in state ratings due to pandemic, plans to recover lost ground


(KNSI) – As another school year begins, the St. Cloud Public School District recognizes that its results on its student assessment tests were lower than desired and is committed to working to improve. The Minnesota Department of Education said students in districts like 742 had declining scores statewide due to distance learning and other disruptions. The tests are given due to federal warrants.

District 742 Executive Director, Research Assessment, Assessment and Enrollment, Donna Roper, told the school board that the Education Department should not compare this year’s results.

“It’s apples and oranges, and maybe even apples and bananas that we’re trying to compare across districts because of all the factors we had to deal with. It is really inappropriate. They recognize that family situations and the human condition have varied considerably during this pandemic. “

The St. Cloud area school district had problems accessing the Internet with students, attendance issues, and students with declining mental health and loss of socio-emotional learning. The problems were consistent with distance education in other districts.

She says the MDE wants schools to look at their learning models during the pandemic and evaluate them.

“We’re going to see where these learning opportunities maybe didn’t go the way they should. And we take the opportunity to recognize the difficulty and make the comparisons. But then really trying to figure out how are we going to move this forward. “

The Department of Education will release a new initiative later this month designed to help school districts catch up lost in the past year.

See how all school districts scored by clicking here.


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