Country singer David Adam Byrnes to perform in Texarkana


TEXARKANA, Texas — Arkansas-born country singer David Adam Byrnes will perform April 22 at 67 Landing.

Byrnes had six consecutive No. 1 singles in Texas. He was also nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2021 Texas Country Music Awards and has become an up-and-coming favorite among country music influencers lists like Wide Open Country’s “Three Acts to watch in 2021”.

“It’s great to have hit number six,” Byrnes said. “Coming from Nashville and being told you’re too country, going for six consecutive No. 1 hits in Texas shows there’s a place for real country music.”

Byrnes grew up in Little Rock, where he grew up on 90s country music.

“All that Texas honky tonk was what 90s music was, and my dad always played it on the radio. I would have gotten a slap on the head if I ever thought about changing stations,” did he declare.

His introduction to country music resonated strongly during his first gig. From there, the inspiration grew and manifested in his musical niche.

“It all started when I was 3 and my mum and dad took me to see George Strait,” he said. “As I got older, country became really more pop, and that’s where I discovered Merle Haggard and artists like George Jones. I consider myself a bit of a genre historian. It kind of made me who I am.

Despite his parents’ wishes, Byrnes only completed half a semester in college before becoming determined to move to Nashville at the age of 19 and pursue his music career. Her decision to accelerate her passion into a profession worked to her advantage.

“I think moving to Nashville gave me an early start. Just writing every day and creating every day has really helped me gain an edge,” he said.

Even before his teenage years, Byrnes found ways to perform, with his parents taking him to sing at various companies around town.

“Even in Arkansas, I started playing in nursing homes at age 5,” he said. “My first bar show was when I was 18 or 19, so that really helped me.”

Despite being told in Nashville that his music would not be successful, Byrnes persevered and continued to tour the country performing to adoring crowds, both fans and newcomers.

“Texarkana people can expect to see a lot of energy and honky tonk. It might be some kind of old-school country music, but I love what I do and I love being on scene,” he said.

(67 Landing is at 8400 W. Seventh St.)


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