Carl Fowler, we have a social government but we are not a socialist country


Not that we need more proof that we are governed by a socialist government, but the Biden team’s attempt to buy oil from Venezuela, a longtime socialist country, shows how willing this administration is to go to further degrade the United States. Not oil from Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, etc., which made our country energy independent, but bowing down to our enemies for the oil we could produce ourselves.

We have a socialist government, but we are not a socialist country. The Biden team’s determination to lead us into far-left ideology, a foolish plan to destroy our country promoted by the Democratic Party in Washington, D.C., goes against every principle that created the most powerful and prosperous country in the history of the world.

The madness of people like Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the so-called team that can’t see where their ideology has failed, can’t be explained with rational argument, because rational argument doesn’t work against the irrational ideology. I learned a long time ago that you can’t reason with unreasonable people. A prime example is Bernie Sanders himself. Sanders embraced communist ideology before getting married, even spending his honeymoon in Soviet Russia in 1988.

Despite knowing the millions of Russians killed by Joseph Stalin, Sanders became fascinated with the concept of socialism. The problem with socialist ideology is that it looks good on paper, but it doesn’t work. The “people’s paradise” did not result in sharing and sharing, but in death and poverty for millions, as Stalin killed those who did not accept communism.

And China? As George Orwell warned us in “Animal Farm”, “Some animals are more equal than others”. This axiom refers to the false promise of socialism. The elite in China have prospered, embracing capitalism for the elect, while denying such prosperity to the rest of its millions of citizens who are ruled by their communist rulers. And the Uyghurs? These unfortunates are subjected to slavery and genocide, a factual demonstration of socialist (communist) compassion.

Yes, we have our own dark past of slavery and enforced poverty, but we fought a war to get rid of that stain on our national conscience. That we have riots and vandalism by those who support the far left agenda is not the failure of capitalism but the result of an extreme ideology that is out to destroy everything and everyone in order to impose his will on others.

George Soros is the one who used the benefits of capitalism to acquire immense wealth. Paradoxically, he used his success as a hedge fund manager and other capitalist endeavors to try to destroy what made him a multi-billionaire. It’s an attitude of “I can have it, but you can’t.” His actions pretty much demonstrate the socialist mindset – an attitude of superiority held by those who believe they are the only ones smart enough to control the populace below them. He now appears to be promoting World War III in order to destroy all democracies and replace them with a one world government controlled by – guess who – Geroge Soros and other one-worlders including John Kerry. If John Kerry is involved, we know the concept is self-serving. Who else would go into battle with a camera recording their “bravery”?

And Hillary? Remember Hillary’s definition of “deplorable” – a reference to anyone who is not a Democrat. The absurdity here is that Hillary turned out to be what we’ve all known for years. She is a dishonest and complicit offender who would have been convicted of conspiring against the President of the United States had she not been protected by the umbrella of the Democratic Party and the media.

All of those mentioned above violated their oath to follow the United States Constitution and obey the laws duly passed by the United States Congress. The fact that the socialists who run our country repeatedly broke their oaths – ignoring the Constitution and willfully refusing to obey the laws of our country – betrayed the country they were sworn to defend. That includes Joe Biden and his team (including Barack Obama) and the worst cabinet in our country’s history, none of which is qualified to hold their titles. One word describes those who want to destroy our country and replace it with another form of government. This word is “treason”.

Carl Fowler is a retired English teacher at Amarillo College and lives in Amarillo.


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