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These investments created progress. In Perry County, ARC has invested $ 1 million for an expansion at Dajcor Aluminum, which will help expand operations, add a product line and create 50 additional jobs.

We see opportunities like this across the region. In 2020, the CRA invested $ 42.3 million in 65 projects in eastern Kentucky, the largest single-state investment in decades. We expect the projects to attract an additional $ 121.5 million in leveraged private investment, create or maintain more than 2,300 jobs, educate nearly 3,500 students and workers, and benefit 1.2 million people. Kentuckians.

I believe we are building on this momentum and building a stronger Appalachian region by investing in infrastructure, from our roads and bridges to water supply and wastewater infrastructure. Our administration has key resources to tackle this mission.

Through a bipartisan agreement with the Kentucky Legislature, my Better Kentucky Plan is investing more than $ 750 million to build schools, expand broadband access, and provide safe drinking water and sewage systems in across Kentucky, creating 14,500 jobs. In line with this mission, ARC also prioritizes investments in critical infrastructure such as water supply and sanitation systems, as well as key roads identified as vital for economic progress, invented the road system. development of the Appalachians.

A major and groundbreaking project supported by the ARC in recent months is a $ 1.5 million investment in the town of Paintsville to increase the capacity of a major wastewater treatment plant. When we think of economic development, we don’t always think of water and wastewater treatment plants. However, if these reach their capacity, companies cannot invest and grow, making modern water and sewage infrastructure a vital prerequisite for economic investment.


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