Bay Area Ranked Highest Paying Region for a Crypto Career


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — The future is bright for a career in technology, with rapid progress opening up a whole new set of jobs that didn’t exist a year ago.

As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are increasingly introduced into the mainstream and other technological breakthroughs such as NFTs and the Metaverse take the world by storm, companies are increasingly looking to integrate them. in their future models.

A new study by MrQ shows that Oakland and Silicon Valley (San Jose) are among the highest paying cities for a career in crypto.

“With millions of people around the world using cryptocurrency, this sector is here to stay and become increasingly integrated and understood by the masses. With the industry still relatively young at just over 10 years old, it’s an exciting sector to be a part of and join its journey to see what might happen in 10 years,” said an expert from MrQ.

“With plenty of opportunities in some of the most innovative and dynamic cities in the world, starting a career in this industry will be appealing to many.”

In Oakland, the average crypto salary sits at $127,625.33 with over 4,700 jobs — ranking second in the top 10 cities for a crypto career.

Further south, Silicon Valley ranked third – with an average crypto salary of $112,101 and over 3,800 jobs.

Courtesy: MrQ.

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