AARP partners with National Geographic for study on aging


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It’s hard to surprise our research team AARP, which is one of America’s leading repositories of knowledge related to aging. That’s why we’re so excited about AARP–National geographic “Study on the second half of life.”

It’s full of insights that run counter to much of the conventional wisdom about aging in America.

For the study, more than 2,500 Americans answered deep questions about their lives and their hopes. Their answers reveal that many negative beliefs about aging are not only incorrect but also almost the opposite of the truth. “Most people are optimistic about aging and don’t see it as a bad thing,” notes Debra Whitman, AARP’s director of public policy. “People in their 70s and 80s are uplifting examples of resilience, as they become more realistic about the changes that are happening and are more likely to be happy.”

But research is only useful if it leads to positive change. As CEO of AARP, I’ve been on a mission to disrupt aging – to challenge outdated stereotypes and attitudes and find new solutions that help people live better lives as they age. Here are some of the changes we at AARP hope this report can help spark.


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