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CROYDON – At a meeting scheduled for June 7, 2022, the Croydon School Board again discussed the option of micro schools.

In a recent survey available to Croydon residents, the school board hoped to glean more information about the types of schools parents might want to send their children. By adding more school format options, board members hoped to provide greater diversity of curriculum and delivery, provide a more “Montessori-like” option for grades 9-12, among other feedback-based goals. parents received as indicated on their bulletin board. advertisement.

Croydon School District currently offers K-4 classes at their one-room school, Village School, and for pupils in Years 5-12 they offer an innovative school choice option. The school choice option allows families to decide which local school they would like to attend based on tuition.

The survey results saw 36 responses from residents with school-aged children and an interest in alternative education. Of the 36 responses, about seven people said they would like to see a Montessori-type school, another seven would like to see a project-based micro-school, about three people said they would like a traditional micro-school, five said online schooling, about six said Mount Royal Academy, and five vouched for a voluntary learning module.

It was noted at the school board meeting that Montessori does not offer high school options. According to the Croydon School District website, SAU 99 currently serves 65 children in Kindergarten to Year 12. Based on the data they received, school board member Aaron McKeon said he thought there was enough interest to pursue the idea.

McKeon has been suggesting micro schools as an option to Croydon residents over the past few months. At an annual school district meeting on March 12, a group of voters voted to cut the Croydon School District budget from $1.7 million to $800,000. Following this budget cut, McKeon, along with other school board members, began to consider microschools as a viable option for their budget, as the $800,000 would not cover tuition fees for Croydon students. .

The City of Croydon called for a budget re-vote and, in a historic turning point, the original budget of $1.7 million was reinstated. While parents in Croydon did not want the learning pods to be their only option for educating their children, some said they would be interested in the idea as an alternative.

The school board announced at the meeting that it will host an open house on school choice. The open house will be held on Saturday, June 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at City Hall. Representatives from KaiPod, Project-based virtual high school Sora, Bridgeway, an accredited home-schooling program, and Mount Royal Academy, a private Roman Catholic school in Sunapee.

At the meeting, board member Jody Underwood said a Sunapee representative will be there in some capacity and people in Claremont and Newport have been contacted, but at this time they are not. had not confirmed whether they would be present. McKeon also claimed that he contacted the Virtual Learning Academy but received no response.

The intention of the meeting is to be casual, with each school having its own table so parents can walk from section to section rather than each school giving a presentation to everyone at once.


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